Have 15 Minutes to Spare? We DARE you to try our 15 minute Fat Burner Routine

Want to get a quick workout in with your busy lifestyle? Give our 15minute fat burner a try!

The Set-up: You won't need much to get started with this simple & effective routine. Can be done virtually anywhere, however for maximal comfort we recommend a yoga mat and a wall.

Complete 2 sets of each, doing 12-15 reps per exercise, with 20-30 seconds rest in between sets. To challenge yourself further, complete each round with minimal to no rest in between and rest for 1-2 minutes .


Round # 1

High Knees

30- 60 seconds of intense effort

Jump Squats

Keep your stance shoulder width apart, and keep your weight at the back of your heels.

Wall Sit

Hold for 30-60 seconds

Round # 2

Push Up + Oblique Crunch

Keep the pressure on your chest & control the oblique crunch throughout the entire movement.

Glue Bridges

Squeeze your bum and bring your hips all the way up, hold briefly at the top and control your way down.

Mountain Climbers

Avoid raising your bum as you fatigue, keep your knees real close to the ground and drive your knee all the way forward in a steady controlled motion. Add speed to intensify.

Round # 3

Jumping Jacks

Add a slight bend to your knees to promote joint health & to help absorb shock. Arms go directly over head and connect at the top.


Hold for 30-60 seconds. If you're more ambitious aim for 2 minute holds

Let us know what you think!