Indoor Fat Loss Routine

With the warmer weather finally starting to decline, working out outdoors will be a little daunting for you especially if you're new to working out.

Give this Fat Loss Routine a try in your own home! If you have any questions on form and technique please contact us!

Round # 1: Wall Push Up (10-12 reps, 10 second rest) + Body Weight Squat (10-12 reps, 10 second rest)

Round # 2: Reverse Flies (body weight- 12-15 reps, 10 second rest) + Wall Sit (hold for 30-60 s, 10 s rest)

Round # 3: Dead Bugs (30-60 s, 10 s rest) + Shoulder Taps(30-60s, 10 s rest)

Perform each round 2-3 times, with 30-60s rest in between rounds. Ensure you do a proper warm up and cool down for maximum benefit- reducing risk of injury.