You've been having trouble staying motivated and consistent at the gym. Maybe you’ve never stepped into a gym before. You finally make a solid commitment to changing your lifestyle and want to hire a trainer to maximize your results. Congratulations you’re a step in the right direction!

Make sure you're asking these questions so that you end up choosing not only a competent personal trainer, but one that can help you solve your specific problems the best, providing you with that health coach experience.

What is their philosophy towards training clients?

It is important to establish how your potential trainer views fitness. If your views and theirs are not in line, you may be at risk of problems down the road. For example, if your personal trainer is big into power lifting and instantly prescribes you a power lifting routine, that may not be the best plan for you and your specific movement patterns. You may be post pregnancy, chronologically enriched, or simply new to the gym; each client requires a highly personalized plan of action to maximize results. It’s important to note that advanced exercises are the basics mastered, so if you’re having trouble with form your trainer should not be pushing to do anything crazy until you’ve built up a solid foundation.

Make sure they perform a thorough assessment on you.

If you're not assessing, you're guessing. Movement can be medicine but only if done correctly. Unfortunately, bodies do not know the difference between good and bad movement. Performing exercises and daily life functions (picking up something or someone (like your child), reaching for something, etc.) with imbalances can lead to injury down the road, affecting quality of life now and in the future.

Therefore, it’s essential for your trainer to run you through an assessment- head to toe. This will ensure that a truly personalized workout plan can be created considering your priorities and opportunities discovered during the assessment,

Does your trainer walk the walk?

Nobody is saying your trainer must have washboard abs to be a good trainer, however they should be well versed in the gym and have proper nutrition training and execution to properly assist you on your fitness journey. Choose a trainer based on how they can help you; not 5 or 10 sessions down the road, but on the very first. Want weight loss? Go to a trainer that is experienced with weight loss.

You get what you pay for.

Personal training is the wrong service to price shop for. If you want a quality trainer that is experienced and ready to help you achieve your fitness goals then you should be ready to pay slightly above market price.

Everyone wants a fair price which is understandable. The mindset towards personal training should be like how you view maintenance on your vehicle. If you provide your body with quality maintenance (whether you do it yourself or hire a professional) we can expect to be in much better shape; having a higher quality of life as we age (we will effectively last longer).

Keep in mind that unlike a car we cannot simply sell or throw out our bodies for a new one. It is important to start now while you are still able to make positive changes to your health. Research shows that adults between ages 30-60 are in the best position to do this, so don’t wait!

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