Personal Training: Why you should invest in Yourself instead of your Gym.

Many people think that personal training is out of their reach.

Whether it be a previous bad experience, cost, or the fear of taking the plunge, this article will show you why it’s better to invest in YOURSELF, rather than your GYM.


Many people go about their fitness journey the usual way; they go sign up for a gym membership.

Sure, the gym rep shows you around the gym and explains the various amenities and services available, but do they explain how to use all the equipment?

Do they keep track of your attendance?

Do they encourage you to embrace healthy lifestyle changes?

Do they identify any movement imbalances that you have?

The answer is no.

In fact, the sad thing is that most gyms hope you sign up and “forget” to come.

Nobody is encouraging you and making sure you're showing up for your workouts.

As long as the payments keep getting withdrawn from your bank account, they will be happy.

With that being said, lets do some math.

The average gym membership is around $60 per month.

In one year that’s about $720.

Like any service, you pay for it repeatedly… forever.

Now let’s assume you’ve had your membership for 5 years and have barely used it.

That means you’ve spent $3600 over the course of 5 years, and what do you have to show for it?

You probably haven’t gotten any results.

Your motivation is still lacking.

You’re probably going to cancel them membership.

Now, lets do some math for personal training.

Instead of paying the gym $3600 over five years, what if you hired a personal trainer?

The average cost of quality personal training is around $60+ an hour.

With $3600 you could have purchased 60, 1-hour sessions.

That’s enough for 2 training sessions per week, for 30 weeks (more than half a year!).

Is personal training still more expensive if you go long term (for the 5 years?)


We can guarantee you that you will see dramatic results in those 30 weeks compared to 5 YEARS in the gym by yourself, because your trainer has…

Provided you with accountability.

Corrected all your movement imbalances and has helped you perfect your form and technique for all exercises.

Customized a plan for your specific areas of opportunity and goals.

Pushed you to make sustainable healthy lifestyle changes.

Sure, you will still have to make up for the cost of the remaining years however you will be...



Have Less body fat

Have formed habits consistent with a healthy lifestyle

Perfected form & technique

Reduced or eliminated aches & pains

Will be able to continue on your own

So, what are you waiting for? Stop giving the gym your hard earned money, invest it in yourself instead and start seeing real results.

Questions? We love feedback and helping our community achieve their fitness goals!