Why you Need Accountability to Lose Weight and become Fit

Motivation comes from all kinds of places, both internally and externally.

You may have some intrinsic reason to exercise, such as wanting to be healthier or to get off your high blood pressure medication.

But, you also need extrinsic motivators to keep exercising such as wanting to lose weight to look better in a bathing suit or for your high school reunion.

The right personal trainer can be that motivator you needed.

By hiring a trainer you're creating motivation in a variety of ways such as:

  • Financially - You're investing money into reaching your goal, so just showing up for your sessions so you don't lose that money may be enough to keep you going.

  • With your time - You're not just investing money, you're investing your time as well, a precious resource we all want to protect. This will add motivation to exercise. Remember, you are doing this most likely to be able to spend more time with your loved ones.

  • Having a standing appointment - There's nothing like a regular standing appointment to get you in gear for a workout. You don't want to disappoint the trainer or yourself. Being held to a cancellation policy may also get you to go after a long day, when you otherwise wouldn't.

  • Accountability - You know your trainer will ask about your week. We will want to know if you did your workouts and how your nutrition choices are going. Knowing that may make it harder to skip your workouts.

Clearly there are many benefits to personal training, some more obvious than others! If you're afraid of taking the plunge, or have any questions please feel free to contact us for a worry free assessment.