3 Tips to Avoid Sabotaging your Weight Loss Efforts on the Weekend

Happy Friday Everyone!!

So you've made it through the week without over eating at home and indulging in the donuts left in the break room, awesome job!

Question is, will you stay as committed and consistent throughout the weekend?

Most of our clients tell us that they tend to do extremely well during the week due to a more fixed structure, whereas the weekends tend to be the opposite- adding that extra challenge.

Here are 3 tips that worked for me when I was losing weight:


If you know that your eating habits get out of whack come the weekend, then you need to look at having a plan of action for those two days, just like you do for the rest of the week.

For example, if you KNOW that you tend to eat more sweets and junk foods, then do your best to eliminate them from sight- better yet, get them out of the house!

In time you will learn to curb your cravings or have them in moderation, however if you're just starting out or struggling with it, I find it best just to avoid this stress altogether.


I'm a fan of the K.I.S.S methodology, where you strive to keep things simple in order to have a sustained focus and determination towards your weight loss goal.

What does this mean? Simply put, don't make things too difficult for yourself. After a long week at work you deserve to have some R&R.

Remember that eating healthy does not have to be complicated or time consuming. This can be as simple as sautéing some broccoli and cauliflower and grilling a salmon fillet for lunch.

Instead of worrying about making something fancy , you can channel that time into spending it with family or catching up on work.

Keeping your food choices simple and healthy on the weekend will not only improve your results, but will give you the confidence and satisfaction that you've stuck to your guns and have made solid progress!


Not only will working out on the weekends help you stay on track with maintaining a caloric deficit, and thus make you lose weight, but it will also boost your moral and lower your chances of spoiling your nutrition plan.

Take a break from the gym and normal activities and spend time with your loved ones. Take the dog for a long walk together, check out the community swimming pool, or do something active at home.

When you're committed, the possibilities are endless.

We hope you enjoy these tips, let us know what you think!

-Matt, your Personal Trainer.