Is your foundation solid?

You can't build a nice house on a crappy foundation...

I mean, you could... but you're asking for trouble.

Everything might be fine in the beginning... but down the road you'll notice creaks and cracks.. eventually leading to major repairs.

If a headache isn't enough... surely the added expense and time wasted will put you over the edge.

When it comes to fitness, building a solid foundation is just as crucial.

What do I mean by this?

It's simple. If you are not exercising with proper form, technique, and within your individual capacity, you are building on a weak foundation.

Not only will this lead to improper movement patterns, but you may experience joint pain and sky rocket your risk for injury...

Getting injured means that you will have to sit out from the gym or your favorite hobbies and activities for who knows?

Weeks? Months?? Years???

It sounds crazy, right?!

Time and time again I've seen friends, family, and clients (which I see as an extension to my family) perform their workouts with bad form and technique, contributing to their injury down the road.

You must be itching to know by now... how do I build my solid foundation?

Its simple. Follow our golden rule...

Advanced skills are the basics mastered.

Now, what does this mean?

So before you go ahead and do all the advanced workouts you see people on Instagram and Facebook doing (or if you're watching athletes compete), make sure you're performing the basic human movement patterns correctly.

Things like pushing, pulling, squatting, bending (or hinging) , and twisting are primal movements that all of us were born knowing how to do.

Due to the ever increasing sedentary lifestyle we tend to lead nowadays, we have forgotten how to perform these basics movements of life properly.

That's why its more important than ever that you make sure your form and technique is 100% solid before moving on to more advanced exercises.

This is why hiring a personal trainer is crucial, especially if you have not been physically active recently.

Not only do we provide you with excellent instruction, we provide you with motivation, support, and above all else... accountability.

When you hold yourself accountable when making a change, you are much more likely to succeed.

When we focus on mastering the basics, we provide our bodies with a solid foundation in which we build upon to constantly improve and promote our fitness and wellness goals... without the risk of injury and set backs.

Not to mention, when we perform exercises correctly, you make bigger gains in strength, weight loss, and fat loss.

Even if you are fairly active but have not seen results, I encourage you to test out your basic skills in one of our limited time complimentary fat burn consultation.

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