How do I deal with Cravings?

A common roadblock we encounter when changing our lifestyle habits (to gear towards weight and fat loss) is how we handle cutting back "unhealthy" foods, and dealing with the cravings along the way.

If you know me, then you'll already understand that I promote, practice, and PREACH a healthy, balanced lifestyle. This lifestyle is flexible, making it sustainable; which is something you want in order to maintain results in the long term.

With that being said, some sacrifice and self control is required in order to reduce and manage those cravings for sugary, fried, and fatty foods that we all crave and enjoy from time to time.

It's impossible to shut off these cravings 100%... its human nature.

Fear not! There are two things you can do in order to curb your cravings and make some real change in your life.

1. When you do satisfy your craving, really take the time to enjoy the food and stop feeling guilty!

For foods that you can't stop eating once you've started (for me it's potato chips and chocolate!!!!), try having them only if the portions are controlled.. like in a restaurant or purchasing individual serving packages instead of a whole bag.

It's probably for the best if you avoid highly tempting foods altogether.

IF you do have them around, keep them tucked away; out of sight, out of mind, right??

2. Keep the portions and frequency under control

Instead of having the whole chocolate bar, break off 1/4, eat that, and put the rest away.

If you're at a restaurant or fast food joint, choose smaller sizes more often.

Limit the number of times per week that you are indulging in your cravings. You WILL NOT lose weight or shred fat if you are allowing yourself to have chocolate 2x per day.

Establishing a healthy balance between eating healthy and allowing for cravings will get you to your weight & fat loss

goals faster and more efficiently; without you feeling deprived and disheartened.

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Matt, your friendly neighborhood personal trainer

Back2Life Fitness