MONDAY MOTIVATION: Push your Limits, not your Waistline

Happy Monday Back2Lifers! :)

I really have to tell you something this morning...

You may not realize how important it is to push yourself to your limit... and then even a little more.

You see, your limit is merely an area of comfort for you...

What you don't know, is that this comfort limits you.

...or maybe you do know, and choose to believe things will just work out on their own...

In reality, sticking within your comfort zone prevents you from realizing your true potential.

Instead, SMASH through your comfort zone and push to your limit every time you workout.

Push hard for every. single. set. NO excuses.

The gym isn't for you? No problem...

Push harder next time you play a sport, go farther next time you run, heck even getting your butt off the couch for a walk around the block is an excellent way to start!!

You will not see the results you want until you do this.

If you need any help sticking with your goals or have questions, please don't hesitate to contact me!

Talk soon,

Coach Matthew

Back2Life Fitness

416 788 5390