The Enormous Flaws in Diet Plans; The Truth Exposed

The Problem with Diet Plans and How to Navigate Around Them

There's a big problem with diet plans.

I was 265lbs of pure fat... or at least that's how I felt. You see, back in 2010, I was not the person I am today. I was young, obese, and unhappy with myself; my relationship with food and fitness was on life support. High carb, low carb, keto, paleo, fat burners,supplements... the list seems endless, because it is. Confused and bewildered I worked hard work and stayed determined. I managed to sifted my way through the crap and emerge 80lbs lighter, and a new man. Not without some blood, sweat, and tears of course.

Becoming a personal trainer allows me to frequently engage in professional development, which certainly keeps me up to date, challenging me to re-think some of my previously held beliefs about nutrition and exercise.

I NEVER want anyone to have to go through what I did. There was way to much room for failure. This is way I'm writing this to you today. I want better for you and your fat loss goals.

You see, the way in which we view and approach diets are problematic. To get a better understanding of the problem, let's look at some reasons why diet plans fail in the first place.

They're too restrictive in the foods you're allowed to eat or told to avoid.

Insert fad diet here. 99% of the time, it's restricting some sort of nutrient. Carbohydrates and fat are the usual targets. Some diets like the ketogenic diet, restricts carbohydrates completely (not quite but very close).

The truth is, you can lose weight on low carb, high carb (yes, you read that right), high fat, low fat, etc. What really determines how successful you are is whether or not you are able to maintain a calorie deficit. Its a simple numbers game. If you are eating less calories than you burn off, you will be in a caloric deficit. If you maintain this for a consistent period of time, you will start to lose weight. Conversely, if you are in a caloric surplus, over time you will gain weight. Although the foods you eat are a big part of your health and fitness, with respect to pure weight and fat loss, you really need to be looking at your portions- most times you'll realize you're simply eating too much.

Yes, It's that simple.

There's no support.

A book, website, or magazine "miracle diet" doesn't talk to you, and has no idea if you've stuck to the diet, or have resumed your "see- food" diet ;) If you're going to stick to something, you'll need real accountability, support, and encouragement. Nutrition is a HUGE part of your fat loss results, and is in my opinion the hardest part of your journey.

They are great short term, however most struggle in the long term to maintain results.

Some even gain it all back, and then some. Not something worth going through if you ask me. Even something as powerful as the keto diet- shown to have massive benefits if done properly, has it's limitations. It can be extremely difficult to maintain a ketogenic diet, as you can only eat an extremely small amount of carbs, mainly taken up by vegetables; the rest is fats and protein only. It is important to make sure you're choosing a lifestyle plan that is flexible and beneficial to you.

These are the main reasons most of the people I talk to struggle with. I too once struggled with the notion of diets and meal plans when I used to weigh 265lbs. Over the years I transformed myself, and have a goal to help 1000's of people do the same. I've experienced these things first hand, and recognize how important it is for your health and fitness efforts. Yet nobody talks about this. Strange, isn't it?

Part of the reason may be that a lot of nutritionists, doctors, physiotherapists, and personal trainers are affiliated with a specific supplement brand, or meal preparing company, or even have their own brand of health food products they make available to you. All of them touted to give you the extra "edge" or "turbocharge" your fat and weight loss.

Another thing that plagues many of us, including myself at one point, is looking for a quick fix. We get into trouble when we think like this, because your nutrition is your health, and there's no quick fix for that. Sorry to break it to you, but your diet pills aren't working. If you think they are, it's either a placebo effect or you are pairing it up with the stuff that actually does work- proper nutrition and exercise.

While these options may sound tempting, they are not consistent with a realistic, sustainable, and long term nutrition plan. You may see results short term, but in the end you will more than likely regain the lost weight, and then some.

A great place to start is to begin recording what you eat, and how much you are eating. Don't wait until tomorrow, next Tuesday, or next year. Start immediately after reading this email. Learn how much you're taking in per day, allowing you to see where you can cut back on calories to help you achieve a deficit. A caloric deficit is required to lose weight and fat. Proper nutrition paired with strength training will ensure you are losing fat, while gaining lean muscle mass.

Need a little bit more help? There's good news! You're a Back2Lifer now, and won't have to worry about this nonsense anymore. My one on one personal training approach includes nutritional counselling, so that we're always talking about your nutrition habits, establishing goals, and developing a long term strategy that's completely customized towards your lifestyle and individual requirements.

All clients receive a nutrition information starter pack, which they are encouraged to go over and implement slowly. This gives them simple yet profound changes to the way in which they view food, caloric intake, and what foods are making up this intake. They learn to make their own food decisions, because lets face it, life needs some wiggle room. That's what were all about here at Back2Life Fitness; getting you the fat loss and strength you want, while still being able to enjoy your life.

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