Lose your Belly with Just Two Exercises

For those of you getting started, you may be a little discouraged from hitting the gym. I totally get it. Gyms can be intimidating and a little embarrassing if you don't know what to expect... or do.

That's OK! You definitely don't need much equipment or space in order to get a great beginners workout in.

Now I know you're worried about it being safe, yet effective. So I've chosen two fool proof exercises that will get you the fat loss and toning you're looking for.

Oh, did I mention the best part? You can do the whole thing, in your chair!!!

Remember, form and technique are KING. Take your time with the movements, CONTROL your body, avoid using momentum. Most of all, have fun :)

The Set-up:

1) Sturdy Chair: Try to avoid heavily cushioned ones, and make sure the chair is in a safe location, and won't move around when you need it most.

2) Yourself

Instructions: Complete Exercise 1 & 2 consecutively, 10-15 reps each, with minimal rest in between; rest 30-90 seconds. That's one round. Aim for 3-5 rounds.

Exercise 1: Chair Squats.

Give the video a watch and follow these additional tips:

  • Pause for 3 seconds at the bottom of the movement, without touching the chair

  • Keep your core tight

Exercise 2: Chair Bicycle Kicks

Just like in the picture, lean back slightly in the chair, lift your knees and feet up off the chair, and make circles with your slightly bent legs.

If it's too difficult, keep your feet real low to the ground, but not touching.

So, what are you waiting for??? Give these 2 exercises a try RIGHT NOW. I bet you're sitting down reading this, and guess what you're sitting in.... your new workout chair!

If you have more questions about the exercises, or want to make the next step, don't hesitate to give me a ring!


Coach Matthew

Back2Life Fitness

416 788 5390