Spot Training. Fact or Fiction?

Hey Back2Lifers!

Coach Matthew here, hope you're all doing well on this Halloween Wednesday :)

I quickly wanted to talk to you about spot training. It's a question that comes up quite often when i'm with clients or doing assessments. The notion behind spot training is simple. Identify your problem area, lets say it's your stomach. If you do exercises specific to your belly, like crunches, the idea is that as you train that spot you'll lose weight and/or reduce the size of that spot.

This is often misleading. Where your body is going to lose fat first is almost always based off genetics. You'll lose the weight there eventually, it just may not be the first, or second... on the list.

So instead of worrying about training the specific area, focus on the facts. In order to lose weight we must meet the following conditions:

1) Achieve Caloric Deficit for a prolonged period of time. (at least 3-4 weeks- will vary depending on how much weight you want to lose)

2) Full Body Movements (Strength Training) are essential for fat loss and strength. You want to build lean muscle mass to not only give a small boost to your metabolism, but your butt, arms, legs, and tummy will look much more toned and lean. This is often overlooked- as some are as afraid of muscle as they are a ghost (after all, it is Halloween right?? ).

3) Consistency is key. There is no quick fix. It will more than likely take longer than you expected. But hey, the journey is always more exciting than the destination. If you stick to your guns and push through the tough bits, you'll be more than happy with whats in store for you.

So there you have it. Stop worrying about spot training. Try out these tips, even if you just try one. The only thing you should be worrying about is what's for dinner.


Coach Matthew

Back2Life Fitness