3 Tips To Power Up your Mornings

Are you a morning person? Even if you are, have you been feeling a little sluggish lately? Feeling a little stiff coming out of bed, and not motivated to get up and own the day?

Try these 3 tips; they've worked for me and many of my clients:

Drink Coffe / Tea : Contrary to popular belief, coffee and tea are not inherently bad for you. You'd have to be consuming a silly number of cups per day for it to affect you, however everyone is different. Having a cup of joe or tea will certainly help wake you up in the morning. Minimize the amount of sugar and milk/cream you're putting in there though, as the calories will quickly add up. To combat any dehydration, always aim for a cup or two of water after your coffee/tea.

5 Minute Stretch: Follow a basic stretching protocol, nothing crazy. Start off slowly, touch your toes, reach for the sky, side to side, etc. If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook, I regularly post stretching techniques that have worked well for clients and myself. If you want to get more advanced, start with dynamic movements then move on to more static stretches. Remember to hold your stretches for at least 20-40 seconds if you want to reap any sort of benefit.

Deep Breathing 30-60s: The more we focus on high quality breaths, the better mobility, stability, and well being we will enjoy. Promoting diaphragmatic breathing will help reduce stress. It is also a great place to start when experiencing low back pain or discomfort. Breath in through your nose with your tongue on the roof of your mouth. Exhale through your lips as if you were blowing out of a straw. Try to make the exhale longer than your inhale.

I hope these tips help your morning routine be a successful one :) These are few of the many things we do when working with clients to help restore strength, mobility, and weight loss. If you're interested in transforming your body, or have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Coach Matthew

Back2Life Fitness